Applied Mathematician/Scientist

status Available
category Research

Orijtech Inc is comprised of a variety of divisions whose daily needs are serviced by the application of technology to simplify, expedite and hyper-productionize industries! In order to increase output, trade, efficiency, morale, competitiveness while reducing costs, we need to ensure that every single business is operating optimally, but also that they are well equipped with the right technology at hand. Some of our businesses are in the financial services arena and require credit rating and risk profiling systems, require state of the art anti-money laundering techniques; others are in the cloud computing space, where we need mathematically modelling and anomaly detection, data collection and analyses to reduce on information overload. Our transportation businesses need route optimization, bin-packing aka knapsack problem optimization, efficient placement of common resources like warehouses, purchases, optimal resource charging levels, optimal routing of resources.

Minimum qualifications

  • Experience in Applied Mathematics (a degree would be great but not required)
  • Experience writing research reports, collecting & analyzing data
  • Statistics expertise
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Pragmatism
  • Creativity
  • Effective communication
  • 4+ year expertise in data science or related roles, ability to solve problems related to optimization & numerical methods
  • Track record of accomplishments

About the job

This could be your most exciting role in this lifetime! Think of yourself as MacGyver working on cutting edge solutions through the best creativity and pragmatism to massively improve the output for our divisions! If you can explain the Central Limit Theorem, derive it and explain its importance in daily life but also how it can be useful in extreme cases, then this role might be right for you! If you know what a Kalman Filter is and how to apply one to various scenarios in life, this could be exciting!

As an Applied Scientist/Mathematician you’ll be involved in hypothesizing, researching, devising ingenuous solutions to hard problems across a wide range of industries. You’ll be working at the intersection of cutting solutions in electrical engineering, computing sciences, statistics, economics, Mathematics, policy, management, mechanical engineering etc. The job is exciting and requires a pragmatic mind, effective communication, great temperment, high emotional intelligence, scientific prowess and high creativity plus the urge to have lots of fun! The role will require you to communicate with heads of the various divisions but also periodically to interface with teams on the ground


  • Liasing with our various divisions to figure out which problems required Applied Mathematics techniques
  • Analyzing incidents and failures in production systems
  • Hypothesizing optimization & Mathematical solutions to production problems
  • Data collection, analysis trainings and collections as part of the company culture
  • Building data driven solutions to optimization problems
  • Asset optimization & allocation e.g. bin-packing, route optimization, knapsack optimization
  • Researching on Mathematical techniques
  • Collaborating with the industrial engineers of various departments
  • Analyzing status quo then applying Mathematical and Algorithmic solutions to the various departments