Backend platform & engineering tools

status Available
category Software

We need someone who can learn fast, has strong experience in building developer tooling, they can experiment with tooling and can return ideas fast in order to improve our products.

Our product catalogue and forecast focuses on growing into a cloud company; ideally you should be very highly proficient in Go or can learn, but you should have strong infrastructure experience.

Minimum qualifications

  • Expertise in writing Go, C++, Python, or Rust
  • Versatility in building developer tools like linters, static analyzers, concurrency examination tools etc
  • Expertise and proficiency with at least 1 SQL database dialect+usage, and 1 NoSQL database
  • Understanding of Abstract Syntax Trees and perhaps compilers too
  • Proficient ability to read and audit code in code reviews
  • Excellent code testing skills
  • Experience with RPC frameworks like gRPC
  • Experience with infrastructure technologies
  • Experience with configuration management and automated deployment say with Ansible or Terraform

About the job

This role requires the ability to provide solutions to critical issues within our engineering backends. Our products help millions of software developers to be more effective. We are “the engineer’s engineer” and as such you’ll be required to have great taste in user experience, as well as dexterity and amazing skills in writing and testing your code. Pragmatism in your mindset and problem solving is mandatory.

You should also be able to answer perhaps how one would implement Bencher from scratch, and also how goroutines work.


Help compliment the team’s effort by driving collaboration and execution of projects. Lead designs of major software components, systems, and features. Manage individual projects priorities, deadlines and deliverables with your technical expertise. Contribute to the Go programming language and related tooling