Developer tools engineer

status Available
category Software

The Go programming language is the undisputed language of the cloud, powering the Fortune 500 and the Global 2,000 along with some of the world’s most popular companies, large and small. Our mission is to bring high performance engineering to the doorstep of every Go developer on earth; we want to create delightful Go experiences and our product Bencher is firstly focused on continuous benchmarking for the Go programming language. The ideal person for this role has designed numerous Go APIs, has been active in the Go ecosystem, has an eye for simplicity and is an excellent communicator.

Minimum qualifications

  • Experience with infrastructure technologies.
  • Proficiency in Go
  • Go tooling development experience
  • Prior Go programming language contributions
  • Experience with Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Spanner and Bigtable

About the job

This role requires you to have amazing taste and figuring out needs in developer eco-systems, then proposing and building solutions. Our customers rely on our unique expertise to return time to their hands. We need very creative and dextrous talented engineers to make other engineers highly effective!


  • Building Go developer tools to drive the next generation of productivity for developers across all languages
  • Compliment the team by driving collaboration and execution of projects
  • Lead designs of major software components, systems, and features
  • Manage individual projects priorities, deadlines and deliverables with your technical expertise