Graphing and Visualization expert

status Available
category Software

We need folks who’ll compliment our UI/UX team and help us with important visualizations for our products. You should have a scientific and visualization background and can help make our products much easier to digest for customers. Ideally you should have a background understanding of d3.js or any other low-level Javascript graphing library.

Expected qualifications

  • Experience with infrastructure technologies.
  • Experience with Typescript and Javascript UI libraries like React.
  • Understand the importance of good UX and the ability to design clean and minimalistic UI concepts.

About the job

You should be able to breakdown complex visualization to produce simply to understand visuals. When given complex data, you should be able to determine the best graph/chart to represent the data.


Help compliment the team’s effort by driving collaboration and execution of projects. Lead designs of major software components, systems, and features. Manage individual projects priorities, deadlines and deliverables with your technical expertise.