Legal counsel & compliance

status Available
category Operations

We need amazing lawyers, who’ll help us navigate through all legal matters and approve product releases and public statements, but also to examine our investments, ensure due diligence. They should be able to understand global employment and can pick up and understand contracts abroad.

Minimum qualifications

  • Licensed and Professional experience practising law
  • Unique legal victories that you are proud about but also some you might not be proud of
  • Ability to think fast about precedent of current cases and how they apply to us
  • Should understand the differences between English Common Law and Civil Law plus other systems
  • A highly ethical self awareness

About the job

You should know the sharp edges of privacy laws, financial and investment regulations. We shall rely on you before launching products, before hiring employees. Attention to detail is a serious pre-requisite. We highly recommend that you at least understand what HTTPS is.


  • Supervising legal contracts of our operations globally
  • Coordinating with our technology teams before launching products
  • Examining our investments
  • Representing the company in all matters related to the law
  • Growing the legal department to efficiency